Makes any Device Smart

Parce ? the easiest way to set up a smart home

With Parce you can make any device smart. Monitor your consumption to save energy. Turn devices on and off with your cellphone. Create intelligent automated processes. All you have to do is plug in Parce between your electric devices plug and your outlet.

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Parce in the Press
"In essence, it takes the hassle out of monitoring your home?s energy usage."
? [?] the key here are the analytics. [?] we are entering the era of the quantified home.?
"In a world where the numbers of electric devices increase rapidly, it?s very important to become conscious about the energy consumption and to minimize energy waste."


The Parce One

This smart home device is the first product of the Parce family. It measures and controls the energy usage of your electronic devices to save you money by reducing your energy consumption.

Wirelessly connecting with the Parce cloud, the Parce One intelligently learns how you use energy, producing visual reports to enable you to clearly see how you could be saving energy and cutting hundreds of dollars off your bills.

Set it up to manage things automatically, or take control yourself at any time through easy to use web and mobile apps.

We?ve focused on removing the hassle from smart energy use so you?ll never waste energy or money again!

Intelligent Learning

The Parce device gets smarter the longer you use it. It picks up on your TV viewing habits, the times of day you need energy most, and even when you?re out of the house.

Complete Transparency

Easily and quickly view your home?s total power consumption at any time. See how much money and CO2 you?ve saved and find out how to save even more.

Automatic Mode

Parce helpfully asks you if it can turn off standby devices, without you needing to command it to do so.

Begin to Control

Take control over your energy usage ? it couldn?t be simpler to install the Parce One into your home.

Improve your Efficiency

Define detailed schedules for the Parce or select from a host of pre-defined settings. Boast about/Share your energy savings through social networks.

Control from Everywhere

Use our apps on your smartphone, tablet or web browser to connect with your Parce account and access all kinds of settings remotely.

Combine Lifestyle and Saving

At the moment there is no way for everyone to easily save energy, money and the environment.

We?ve spotted a great opportunity to change the general opinion on power consumption, removing all the associated hassle and replacing it with attractively designed, fun to use products to enable us all to save money and the environment.

1. Transparent

Parce?s intelligent learning means you can access the cloud any time to receive insights into your home?s energy usage ? meaning you can spot new and even better ways to save money and the environment.

2. Smart Home

Taking control of all your devices couldn?t be simpler. There?s no complicated registering process or set-up time. Parce is ready to go out of the box with its automatic mode, or professional mode for custom settings.

3. Cloud Control

Access your Parce account through web and mobile apps to take control from wherever you happen to be. Brag about your energy savings to friends and family on social networks to spread the word about Parce!

Some Interesting Facts

Hayley Platt report
?Home automation is becoming increasingly popular and there are predictions the market will grow by more than 50 % by 2017?

Parce is a groundbreaking new concept within the smart home devices market. It?s not just about lifestyle and design, but could also impact on the way we all use energy and think about the environment.

The Parce One has the potential to save every home up to 150 ? ($200) per year. This potential works out to be roughly 30-50% of an annual bill, and is even greater in office buildings and production plants. Here are some every day examples of power consumption in our homes.

Standby Table - Download to view image - Your browser does not appear to load svg files

Depending on which devices you choose to control with Parce, you will be able to recoup the investment on Parce?s hardware between 6 ? 24 months of use. After that, you?ll notice the difference in your bank balance at the end of every month. Not to mention the environmental impact, which will result in an average household saving more than half a ton of CO2 per year.

The Parce concept is totally independent from energy companies and is completely focused on realizing a change in power consumption habits worldwide.

Available Styles

Below are the available styles of the Parce One on its launch, the first product of the Parce line. We are currently working on plans for further smart devices for saving energy.

Pre-order now! The Parce One is selling out fast ? Reserve yours now!

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